If you’ve landed here, you’re probably just checking up on me…  That’s fine – I’m doing well.  What I’ve set up this little WordPress site to do is illustrate some of my graphic design work from the late ’80’s until around 2010.

Design – Since much of my Olympic design work was created with proprietary content, I’ve chosen to keep it password protected for now. This design work is centered around branding, web development, marketing collateral, trade show booth design, and certainly anything a small to medium business might require. Shoot me an email if you’re interested in viewing my design portfolios, and I’ll provide you with a password.

Video – The best way to view some of my video work is through my YouTube Video Channel:  www.youtube.com/user/mountainmesafilms

Web – Who would have known that this “inter web” fad would have stayed around for so long…  Accordingly, I’ve had to adapt.  I used to publish websites as a solo affair, but now I much prefer working with a small team.

Metalwork – My solar-powered shop is a great place to relax and shape some hot metal when I’ve got the time.

Mosaic – I’ve got lots of plans for my mosaic projects, but have only managed to complete a few of them so far. Detailed and time-consuming work, but the results are exciting.  Stay tuned… I’ve got some big plans with small glass…