Training Sparks Sessions

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If you received a Ticket To Learn*,

you are invited to schedule

a free 45 minute

Training Sparks Session!

*(If you didn't receive a Ticket To Learn, but wish you had, call Ellen at 970.247.3104 and ask very nicely for one.)

What is a Training Sparks Session?

A 45-minute training session, at your business, for 5 or more employees. 

You choose the topic, day and time and schedule your employees for a 1-hour meeting.  

We bring the materials, props, challenges and facilitate a dynamic and interactive training session.

Topics Available:

  • Did I Say That? Clear Communication Skills

  • Grace Under Pressure: Navigating Conflict

  • Critical Conversations: Feedback

  • Delegation Without The Work Bouncing Back To You

  • It’s Not What You Said, It’s What I Heard: Active Listening Skills

  • Managing from the Middle: Sphere of Control / Sphere of Influence

  • There’s No Time! - Time management for the overwhelmed

  • Your Choice - tell us what you want to learn!

Call to schedule a Training Spark for your group!

Walk me through the steps, please:

  1. You receive a Ticket To Learning.

  2. You call Ellen Babers @970.247.3104 or Sam Carter @ 970.739.3275 to schedule a day and time.

  3. ​During the call, Ellen and Sam will ask which training topic you want.  We'll ask more questions about your group and what you hope to get out of the training, so we can tailor the topics to your specific needs.

  4. You schedule your staff, and provide a place for the training.  A room that has seating and some activity space is ideal.  We are pretty creative, so we can figure it out you if you have limited space.

  5. On the day of the training, the facilitator will arrive about 30 minutes before the session to set-up. We'll need a liaison who can show us where we will be working.

  6. During the session, we will facilitate an interactive, dynamic program that teaches new concepts and has all the participants practicing the skills.  We call this program Training Sparks, because these sessions usually energize the participants. The resulting conversations spark new ideas and possibilities in the workplace.

  7. After the program, the facilitator will meet with you for 20-30 minutes. We are always calibrating our training for rural businesses, so we'll ask for your perspective on the training we just did, and on the training needs in the Four Corners Area.


Our mission is:

To provide individuals and companies with leadership and professional skills so they can thrive locally, and directly contribute to their rural community.

Our Motive for Training Sparks is:

To meet more businesses in the Four Corners Area so that we can to tailor our trainings to best serve the area.

And yes, if a Training Sparks session prompts you to send your staff to our longer training programs, we'd like that, too!