The Influential Manager

Mid-level Managers

The Influential Manager increases the skills and capabilities of current managers and enables them to “reach” toward the next level of success. Participants increase effectiveness in directing and developing their direct reports, and in operating optimally as a team.

Designed to provide relief for the middle manager squeezed between competing commitments, the course enables participants to:

  • Build skills to increase personal bandwidth.

  • Develop thriving teams.

  • Increase your sphere of influence for more effective results.

  • Understand your effect on others, develop yourself, and learn to empower others.

The Influential Manager contains 3 main segments:

Managing with Respect and Reason: Developing a leadership style that encourages and empowers those you supervise takes self-awareness and practice. This first segment develops the practical skills and character traits necessary for managers to keep their staff accountable and engaged.


Leading Thriving Teams: Some teams just function, while others thrive. This segment explores the characteristics of productive, positive teams and the role of the manager in both creating and maintaining the culture of success within a department or division.

Building Organizational Competency: A manager has an active role in removing silos and building a strong network of inter-dependent excellence, so that the organization as a whole works in concert.  This final segment focuses on the perspective and skills necessary for those working on multi-departmental projects and those who support a leadership team.

Who should attend?

The Influential Manager is for middle managers who manage both people and projects, and who have at least six months of experience in a management role.