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Step Up to Supervisor

Experienced Supervisors and Front Line Managers

When the Front Line is focused, responsible, accountable and solves problems on their own, the results show up in improved quality, productivity, customer service and profits. As a Supervisor, you have a direct impact on these results.

Do you struggle with obtaining compliance and hesitate to address issues head-on?  Are you unsure of how to provide on-going feedback and effective performance reviews?  Are you tired of projects you deleted to others bouncing back to you? 


Step Up to Supervisor is an interactive skills course focused on directing others and increasing your personal effectiveness as a supervisor. You will be able to immediately use what you learn in your day-to-day operations.

In Step Up to Supervisor you will learn to:

  • Create an effective workplace based on respect and accountability.

  • Avoid un-winnable power struggles and manage challenging employees.

  • Help the front line be accountable, and look forward to coming to work.

  • Stay sane when nothing seems to be working.

  • Practice techniques that encourage buy-in and responsible work habits.

Who should attend?

Step Up to Supervisor is for experienced supervisors, front line managers and employees with high potential to fill those positions.


24 Classroom Hours; 3 meeting days, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Day 1

Defining a Supervisor

Clear Communication

​        Barriers to Communication

        Intent vs. Impact Gap

        Active Listening


        Artful Questions

        Effective Feedback


Day 2


        Extending Trust

        Delegation & Setting Work Parameters

        Setting Limits Around Behavior

        Offer Choices

        Provide Consequences

Day 3

Conflict & Problem Solving

        Appropriate Conflict & Styles

        Position vs. Interest


        Problem Solving

        Developing Employees

What others think:

“The experiential learning in this course has developed my understanding of communication a 1000%.”

            Dustin, Alpacka Rafts 

“A must-take course for anyone who supervises others. You will gain so much insight and very useful, practical tools.”

             Kaytlin, StoneAge Tools


“This is a highly effective course that will grow your leadership tools and hone your existing tool set.”

             Matt, StoneAge Tools


“This course is jam packed with information / tools for employees who manage other people. I really enjoyed the enthusiasm of Ellen, Cliff and Sam.”

            Ashleigh, Alpine Bank


“Understanding how to read emotions and better understand thought processes has helped not only professionally but personally.”

           Jennifer, Purgatory Resort