This series enables companies to build their workforces internally by hiring and developing talented local staff. It also provides individuals - from supervisors to executives - the foundational training needed to excel and grow in their positions and to "reach" towards new opportunities. Key components of each program include:

  • Local and diverse instructors who work nationally and internationally

  • Experiential, interactive, innovative approaches that produce practical and observable results

  • Participants have immediate access to more effective action

  • Sufficient depth and practice so the coursework is sustained into the workplace

  • Small groups with dynamic interaction and practices

  • Practical reference materials 

  • Adaptable facilitators who teach to the needs of the participants

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Designed to provide relief for the middle manager squeezed between competing commitments, the Influential Manager increases the skills and capabilities of current managers and enables them to “reach” toward the next level of success. Participants increase effectiveness in directing and developing their direct reports, and in operating optimally as a team.

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When the Front Line is focused, responsible, accountable and solves problems on their own, the results show up in improved quality, productivity, customer service and profits. As a Supervisor, you have a direct impact on these results.

Step Up to Supervisor is an interactive skills course focused on directing others and increasing your personal effectiveness as a supervisor. 

"Through meeting with over 100 local businesses, we found that there was a desire for professional development opportunities on the part of both employers and employees.


We are launching the Professional Development Program to provide the same high quality education found at Duke University and other leading business schools, right here in our back yard."

Roger Zalneraitis

Executive Director, La Plata County Economic Development Alliance

The Professional Development Series is provided by: