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Supervisor Essentials

First time team leaders and supervisors

The transition from worker to supervisor can be difficult. This new job of managing people, and being responsible for the quality of their work is daunting.  This course provides the basic skills you need to survive - and thrive - in your new role.

Are you new to supervising others? Are you unsure of how to handle your new authority over your work buddies?  Do you have the dual challenge of being a worker and a supervisor?


Supervisor Essentials  is a fast-paced interactive skills course where as soon as you learn a skill your are immediately up, moving and practicing it in class.  This two-day course is appropriate for any supervisor. The course is especially helpful to those who lead teams whose membership constantly changes, for example, those supervisor shift work, guides, restaurant or bank teller teams. You will be able to immediately use what you learn in your day-to-day operations.

In Supervisor Essentials you will learn to:

  • Transition from staff to supervisor.

  • Effectively utilize all the people on the team.

  • Train staff - and hold them accountable.

  • Make effective and efficient decisions.

  • Navigate conflict.

Who should attend?

Supervisor Essentials is for first time team leaders and supervisors, and employees with high potential to fill those positions.



 2 day course, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm