Mark Haeussler

Strategic Partner - Alpine Leadership           

Mark Haeussler, BS, PCC, CHIC, is CEO of Alpine Leadership, a Colorado-based professional development company committed to helping organizations cultivate leaders that others want to follow. Mark develops unique and practical intellectual materials that provide clients with practical entries to build greater success with greater ease, including managing change, moving effectively through dialog, building new competencies, greater self-awareness, and adapting leadership presence to shifting needs.


Mark is a speaker on leadership presence, emotional intelligence, change leadership, generative conversations, and accountability.  His extraordinary life experiences and buoyant outlook make him an engaging motivational speaker.


An able musician who arranged music for pep bands in high school and college (he was even spotted in a drum major uniform more than once), he understands the concept of being part of an ensemble of three to three hundred people who collectively produce something of value. Mark earned a Bachelor’s in Business, cum laude, from Arizona State University, and multiple executive coaching certifications.  


He volunteered as a licensed EMT for the Medical Reserve Corps of Southwest Colorado for seven years, and currently volunteers in many youth-focused activities including President of the Bayfield District Advisory Committee, Vice-President of the Middle School Advisory Committee, Boy Scouts, and on the board of the music-focused Be FRANK Foundation.